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Our Services

Vibrotech offers a range of high quality services, tailored to suit your needs. No matter how big or small your business, we have the knowledge and experience to keep you running smoothly.

Why choose Vibrotech?

High levels of accreditation ensuring reliability and quality.

The company and its individuals are highly accredited. Company accreditations include UKAS accreditation to ISO 9001-2015 for our quality management, Alcumus SAFEContractor for our health and safety and QMS for our Environmental 14001. All analysts are PCN accredited, through BINDT, a certification that requires high levels of industry experience and an examination. Individuals also have to reapply every five years to prove continued employee competency. This is a vital success factor, as this protects the success, reputation and reliability of the company.

Why Do You Need A Certificate Of Competence In Vibration Condition Monitoring?


“They’re very efficient, very good; they’re always very helpful and are very impressive in front of customers”.


Quorn Foods

“They will alert us to issues. If there are any major problems they will ring personally and give us advice”. It works for us very well.

Northern Aerospace

“I have used them since October 2011 and I have had no issues whatsoever”

Alstom Power Service

“The performance and service of many years of using them has been spot-on. Keep up the good work”

ICL Cleveland Potash

“They have been quite valuable as a resource tool and if we didn’t have them on site, the costs could be great if anything went wrong. It’s a question of if you’re prepared to wait and see if that happens and suffer the consequences, or are you wanting an early warning of failure and as a result, you can respond to it. It’s up to us to provide the resources and time and be able to act upon that. I would say in a total utopia our costs would be dramatically reduced if we took on board all their recommendations and advice. However, it’s not as easy as that.”

Hexion Chemicals

“We are happy with them, because of the service we get from them, the one to one. We get the same operators every time and we always find them extremely helpful and they will always do anything we ask as fast as they possibly can.  They do quite a good job and we are happy with it.”

Hanson Cement

“We are very, very happy with them, they are an excellent company. We have this historical relationship which we have built over time. We have worked with them as we have changed as an organisation. I know most of the staff and have a very good working relationship with them. It has paid dividends for us as well for what they have done for us.”